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Our Story

We are a group of serial entrepreneurs who share love for nature and sustainable lifestyle. This is our first hostel that we built to share our vision with you all, locals or visitors.

About Us

Ben Dar Ameer.jpg

Ameer is the Railroader, Ben is our Alchemist of the Woods, and Dar is the Lorax

We love our community and the nature we enjoy every day, mainly the Smith river, the redwoods trees and the pacific ocean.

Our hostel is simply a sustainable steel building that we converted into shared rooms, shared kitchen and common living areas.


Outside the building, we set up domes and tents, and we enriched our hostel by exciting activities where all guests can participate in.


We are connection pod for visitors and local to meet, connect and share a meal, co-hike, swim and thrive. 


Our Company Headquarters

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